About us

SSC stands for The S – Shaped Country (Vietnam country is similar to an S looking in the map), our goal is to spread all over Vietnam and to provide services through all the attractions available in the map of this beautiful country. We operate package services in 3 main parts of Vietnam: The north, the central and the South. With well-experienced, proactive and dedicated staff, we aim to share all the available information as well as the highlight destination in Vietnam. We are determined to bring our clients exotic and remarkable trips.

Why Us?

Reasonable prices

Good services always come with reasonable prices. We are keen on making our clients satisfied but also remaining the soul of our services. Good input generates greatness.

24/7 customer support

We’re always here to help. Whenever you get into problems or have doubts/ questions about our services, just give us a call or simply send a message / an email to us. Our team members will response quickly and help you out with a solution.

Flexible payment policy

Differs with other travel company, we require only 30% deposit of the tour instead of 100%. The balances will be collect once you meet us in Vietnam. We believe this would earn your trusts also decrease the unnecessary that our clients have to burden (bank transfer fee,…)

Company Name

SSC Vietnam Travel